Vegetarianism and Food or Backsliding

After some study and reflection on a proper vegetarian diet recently, I’ve really been thinking about what I am eating. I’ve also been pondering this with my recent poor health I haven’t written here about it but I’ve been sick again to some degree the last two weeks. I’m finally feeling a bit better but it has led to some thought.

The long and short of it is that I’m going to retreat a bit from the vegetarianism that I’ve been engaged in since this Summer. I’m going to reintroduce fowl and fish into my diet though I’m going to keep it fairly light, especially by American standards. In the evening, we’re probably still not going to eat meat at dinner as R, who has not become a vegetarian, has been enjoying our meat free meals then. I am not going to eat red meat or pork at all but I am not going to avoid all meat entirely.

I feel kind of bad about this because I agree with vegetarianism philosophically to a great degree as a Buddhist and as someone who thinks about sustainability. That being said, I also don’t think that I’ve always been getting enough protein and as I have been trying to improve my health overall, this is important. I have lost 20 pounds, roughly, over the last four months and am beginning to work out on a regular basis. I am also looking at taking some yoga (with the recommendation of a friend of where to go) with R and take up some weekly martial arts practice again. I need to build up those healthy lifestyle habits as a sedentary, bookish computer geek who sits on his butt most of the day.

I pondered not saying anything here because it does feel like I’m retreating from some principles but questions around vegetarianism, diet in general, and Buddhism are things that I’m going to continue to ponder.

I’m interested in the experiences of others, especially Buddhists, when it comes to their relationship to meat eating and their beliefs and practices.