More posts on the One Sangha blog

I sent my post on clergy the other day to the One Sangha blog in an attempt to finally get that moving. I noticed this evening, when looking through my blog list on Google Reader that my friend, Bill, had posted to the blog today.

I am hoping to get the other blog authors to do so in the next week or so as well and to finally get the blog going. I can plead no real excuses for it not having done so before now. I was distracted at the end of Summer, when I planned to start, and then traveled, did classwork, and wandered through my mild illness(es). None of which should really have blocked the blog from starting but they did.

I wanted to summarize what the One Sangha blog is trying to do from our About One Sangha page on the site:

One Sangha is a group dedicated to Buddhism as a whole. Its writers come from the diversity which is Buddhism in the 21st century. All Buddhists are members of one sangha, the collective body of those who follow the teachings, the dharma, of Siddhārtha Gautama, who was the Buddha or “Awakened One.” The goal of this blog is to offers essays, news, and thoughts on Buddhist topics with the goal of bringing Buddhist practitioners together and to reflect the true variety of Buddhism. We live in a potential golden age for Buddhism in which the separate traditions of many nations, peoples, or groups can be brought together to inform our lives. Sectarianism should hold no place within Buddhism.

I am still looking for two or three additional authors for the blog, especially from Buddhist groups or traditions that are not currently represented. Currently, we have a Jodo Shinshu minister who runs a church here in California, a Dzogchen practitioner that helps run a center in the Southwest, my own teacher (who runs a small temple in Ohio and is a former Kagyu monk), a Jodo Shinshu practitioner who has a shiny doctorate in Buddhist Studies, and myself. We also have an ordained member of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order that has agreed to post occasionally. The qualifications are the ability to write well, a willingness to post once a week (ideally), and enough experience, training, and knowledge in Buddhism to contribute to the overall conversation. Please contact me through the blog if you are interested in participating and we can talk.