Doctoral Application Finished

Statue on Mt. Hiei

I did the final work on my statement of purpose for my doctoral application to the Graduate Theological Union this evening. With that done, my GRE scores and letters of recommendation received, I finalized my application and paid my fees. At this point, other than dropping a second check in the mail for UC, Berkeley (who jointly reviews PhD applicants with GTU), I am finished with my application.

According to the information from GTU, I should hear by early February whether I have been initially accepted to the program. I will hear the final determination by March after UC, Berkeley finishes its review of applicants.

Assuming that I am accepted, I will be in the Interdisciplinary Studies PhD program at GTU this coming September. My dissertation will be focusing on Japanese esoteric Buddhism (Tendai and Shingon) and I plan to narrow this down to Tendai esoteric practices and beliefs since almost no work has been done in English on that. In fact, you can’t even find any popular works introducing Tendai in English (and only one really for Shingon and it is out of print).

Assuming a typical pattern of study, I ought to graduate by the time I’m 45 or so.