My Name In Print

While testing a Firefox security release, I have to go through a series of testing of search plugins and the like to verify that things are still working correctly. One tends to enter random things when doing testing of this sort (or goes mad from tedium) so I searched on my name on I was surprised to see that the results included mentions of my name in books on Amazon.

Apparently, my review of the novel, Multireal (or more likely, its precursor, Infospace), by David Edelman made it into the quotes in the book as can be seen here. Additionally, my friend Jason Miller acknowledged me in his book on sorcery and Mark Stavish mentioned the zine I used to publish in his book on Lucid Dream and Astral Projection. The most random one is an acknowledgment of me using one of my ancient nicknames alongside my name in a book on the Necronomicon in the introduction.