Going Back to Graduate School!

I received some good news today. The letter from the Graduate Theological Union arrived that granted me preliminary acceptance into GTU’s Doctor of Philosophy program, beginning in the Fall. This is preliminary because UC, Berkeley (aka “Cal”) has to final approve all applicants as well and they won’t make their decision for a month. I don’t expect that Cal will turn me away with the GPA of my MA being perfect and being well recommended by my former thesis advisor and two active professors who are also GTU graduates.

This is the big news that I’ve been waiting for since I began this process last Summer (or even last Spring, if you want to be more accurate).

Of course, I have to survive the doctoral process, which has a more than 50% failure rate, stay financially solvent, and learn a language or three over the next six or so years but the hurdle has been crossed.

Now that I’ve been accepted, I do wonder if I’ll wind up working on the topics that I intended. My plan is still to focus on Japanese Mikkyo (Esoteric Buddhism) but that all depends on my having access to resources and the languages necessary to do a good job there. There are still other possibilities as well and I know many, if not most, doctoral students wind up shifting their dissertation topic a bit as they progress through their program.