Master Sheng Yen has died

Sheng Yen The famous Chan Buddhist master, Sheng Yen, has just died in Taiwan today at 79 years of age. He spent the majority of his life promoting Buddhism and was (and is) a hugely influential figure.

I discovered his writings just during the last two years (and especially the last six months) and have been working my way through them as time permits. I’ve been overwhelmed with his knowledge and compassion to others as I’ve read them. I’ve appreciated his high degree of learning that accompanied his lifelong practice. He will definitely be missed within the Buddhist community as a whole, not simply within Chan.

Update: On the h-buddhism list for Buddhist Scholars, Master Sheng Yen’s death poem was posted today. I thought it was worth adding here.

無事忙中老, 空裡有哭笑, 本來沒有我, 生死皆可拋。

Busy with nothing, growing old. Within emptiness, weeping, laughing. Intrinsically, there is no “I.” Life and death, thus cast aside.