Tricycle Community

Tricycle Cover 2009Tricycle magazine seems to be doing a good job at promoting their new community site at Effectively, it is a social networking site (similar to Facebook or Livejournal) for Buddhists.

I know that quite a few people have had criticisms of Tricycle, especially around its seeming ethnocentric focus on White “Boomer” Buddhism but the site looks like a fair attempt to me to build an online community in the right way. I’d encourage people to take a look and try making an account there. I’ve created an account there and will be giving it a try over the next while. (I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t even subscribe to their magazine either…)

Social networking has a lot to offer for Buddhist practitioners, especially those that are separated geographically or socially from other Buddhists. As I’ve mentioned before, because of the way things have worked out, I generally practice alone or with my wife and not with an established sangha (because my core sangha isn’t local to me). I’ve found positive participation in community to be extremely helpful in feeling supported by and connected to other practitioners.