New Zen Forum Open

As was mentioned recently, Rev. Nonin, a well known Zen teacher, was banned from the E-Sangha web forum recently for not meeting whatever unspecified doctrinal muster is required to have an account on the that site.

At that time, Rev. Nonin and others stated that a new online forum for Zen practitioners was in the works since there was no place online that was both open and embracing of the values of the Dharma. I have found out today that this new forum is finally up.

It is the Zen Forum International. I have created an account there (as “arcanology”) and plan to participate in the site. With this and the new Tricycle Community site, this does seem to be the week for new web forums.

I encourage all of the Zen practitioners that I know or those interested in Zen to check out the new site and to help build a real community there.