New Zen Community Aggregation Blog

I know that I just posted about the new Zen online forums yesterday but I was inspired to do some online work over the last 24 hours.

I registered (and .com and .net). Under this, I have created This is a group blog running on Wordpress that aggregates the syndication feeds from other Zen blogs.

This is done in the style of the various “Planet” aggregation blogs. For example, in the Mozilla community, we have Planet Mozilla. Planet Mozilla grabs the blog feeds from a whole list of Mozilla community members and rolls them into one site for reading them together. You can subscribe to the site and see all of these posts. It also allows some people to categorize their blog posts for “mozilla” and have only those show up on Planet Mozilla. I wanted to do the same thing for the Zen community to help bring the online sangha together, alongside the new Zen forum.

Unfortunately, the name, “Planet Zen” was already taken and “community” sounded better for non-geeks. I registered (.com/.net) yesterday and have put a rough version of the group aggregator up at

How it works is that if you run a Zen blog or a Buddhist blog with mostly Zen content, you can have your feed added to “The Zen Community.” The site will be watch your feed and when it sees a post by you, it will republish it on All of the links on that post will point back to your original site’s blog post and comments are turned off on the community so people will comment on your own site. This will help keep comments directed to where the authors can respond to them directly.

With some blog software, like Wordpress, I can set it up that it only pulls items from a particular category (like “Buddhism”) that you mark in your posts. I do that on my own blog so only my Buddhist category posts get pulled and not the ones related to my tech job, political rants, or academic work.

If you go to right now, you will see all of my Buddhist category posts for the last few months. I just pulled them into the site. Once we have a few more people, it should intermix them all by date.

What I want is for people to let me know if they have a Buddhist blog (primarily focused on Zen/Chan, I expect) that they would like to have pulled into the Zen Community blog. I can then add it to the syndication list so entries get added. I’m not going to add anyone without consent.

Please comment here if you have any questions.