It's Kindle War

I want a Kindle 2. Of course I do (as I hear my wife’s voice whispering in my head).

I have one problem with it though: I abhor all Digital Rights Management. Evil, evil shit. It’s all well and good at first (at least some people think so) until three, five or ten years later when the rights server goes offline and all that media that you thought you owned turns out to be “owned.” You lose access to it and that’s it, you’re screwed, bub.

This is why I don’t buy music, tv shows, or movies on iTunes even though I have an iPhone and a Macbook Pro. I’m Cory Doctorow’s little bum boy when it comes to DRM.

So, with the Kindle (and it’s little brother, Prince Michael Jackson II), all content that you can purchase so easily from Amazon is, of course, DRM’d. That makes me not want to give one cent to buy it for fear that my library will just go up in a puff of magic smoke in five or ten years.

What really needs to happen, as happened with DVDs in general and Blu-Ray to some extent, is that the Amazon DRM format needs to be cracked so the books can be freed from it. Even if it was a pain in the ass, if I knew I could do that, I would feel much more free to buy books from Amazon for the Kindle.

Until then, I suspect that I’ll be stuck with my groaning shelves of books filling my house. Personally, I’d rather free up all that space and go all Zen… :-)