What to do for the next six months to prepare for doctoral program?

I have six months until my academic program starts (actually, seven, if I think about it). Orientation isn’t until the end of August.

I feel like I should be doing something to front-load work that I will start after I begin the PhD program but I have no idea what it would be. If I could get in a university-quality Japanese language class, I would do so but that’s an impossible endeavor. If I knew what second language I would be made to take, I might work on that (like college German or my old childhood Russian).

It seems like I have time to get a leg up on things and I’m a pretty driven guy.

I also have a hard time knowing what to expect during the first year or two of the program. I’ve been given some general comments by the two people that I know who have gone through it but not a lot of detail. I already have my Master’s degree so it isn’t like I’ve done no graduate level work but I have no idea how the PhD program will function week to week, semester to semester at GTU.

Of course, in another few months, I’ll also be back in my seminary program at Five Mountain Buddhist seminary. With my three month illness, I managed to finish the Fall term but couldn’t really do the Spring term when it wasn’t clear what was going on and I couldn’t sleep at all.

That being said, I have more than six months and I should find a way to use it.