Goodbye, Dave

David Baker Playing

Last night, R and I went to an event at a small art space in Alameda. Our friend, David Baker, was opening for another friend of his, Chris. Chris had just released a CD of his piano music and was going to play a bit of it. A year ago that day, in the same space, Dave had released his own CD of music.

Dave has been a friend of R’s since they met when she was in high school locally. She worked at Rasputin’s (a record shop of some reknown locally) and he at Tower Records. She wound up hanging out with him and his friends, who had a goth band, watching them play and otherwise having a good time. Twenty years later, she still knows him and he’s still doing music (Chris was in the band as well).

Dave lived in Japan for a few years, met a nice woman there, and then came back to the states for the last couple of years. He’s returning to Japan in just over a week to take a teaching job and to be with his girlfriend. They’re hoping to marry and he’s planning on staying over there. It is good for him but a little sad for us because he was one of those people that we just enjoyed hanging out with on occasion and he’s an excellent guy. He’s also fluent in Japanese, having gone to Cal as a late student and gotten a degree and I’d been hoping to have him help tutor me over the next year.

Good luck, Dave!

Here is a slightly shaky piece of recording from him playing part of “Echoes from Kuji” last night. If you go to Vimeo, you can watch it in HD. This is one of my favorite songs that he’s done.

David Baker playing "Echoes from Kuji" from Al Billings on Vimeo.</lj-embed> Dave's music can be heard over on his myspace page if you're interested in hearing entire songs or getting his CD.