Moving my blog to

I’ve had my blog at for a few years now. I chose the domain name, which means “the study of mysteries”, when I was working on my Master’s degree. My work there, and my thesis, focused on Western Esotericism, specifically the view of the soul in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

These days, as people no doubt notice, I tend to blog about Buddhism, my future academic work (…in Buddhism), or geek stuff such as tech or science fiction.

I’ve owned openbuddha.* (com, net, org) for a while and haven’t been using it since my failed attempts to start a web community on the site. I also own, which is the failed attempt to start a group blog (I can’t even get my own teacher to write posts for it) with four or more other people. Out of these various other domains, only the recent Zen Community site is really doing well and it really does so simply by the fact that 25 bloggers are cycling posts through it.

Given my larger focus on Buddhism and the fact that it will continue while I do my doctoral work, I am going to move my blog over to I’ll have to figure out how to do the redirection of my feeds so those subscribed to the feeds don’t have their feeds broken. Assuming that I can do this, it should be pretty transparent as a move. I expect to get the new site up in the next week, assuming that I have time.