Ready for the Flu?

12_monkeys Everyone is worked up about the new flu this week. I can’t say that I’ve been immune to this either. As sick as I’ve been in the last six months, the prospect of another big disease coming around makes me worry about the state of my immune system.

That being said, people really do need to calm down. Even if the worst case scenarios are true, turning to panic isn’t going to save anyone. Even at its worst, the Spanish Flu of 1918 was only caught by slightly more than a quarter of the population. Of that group, the vast VAST majority survived it fine.

While this flu could be milder or could be worse, we definitely have developed better medical techniques for dealing with epidemics during the last 90 years.

People should take wise precautions and be ready to treat people in their families if they become sick and to stay home from work if necessary.

If we’re lucky, this will die out on its own. More likely, we’ll have a nasty flu go around but it may not turn as fatal as it has been in Mexico. If we have a lull until Fall, as happened in the Spanish Flu, and a vaccine becomes available, I would urge people to consider getting vaccinated when it is possible.

I’ve only had the flu once in my life so it is hard to know what to make of this personally.

Vinay Gupta has also suggested the Flu Code for at-risk areas as a guideline for action:

Flu Code 0.1Beta English - A Public Service from The Institute for Collapsonomics.

1) If I have any signs of possible flu infection I will stay at home.

2) I will stay away from crowds whenever possible and always wear a mask while in public places.

3) I will cleanse my hands at the doorway when I arrive at my destination.

4) I will encourage other people to follow these rules to protect us all.