Buddhist Studies and Blogs

I wonder if there is something weird about the demographics of academic students of Buddhism or Buddhist Studies. Unlike a number of other disciplines that I can think of, there seem to be almost no blogs done by people working in Buddhist Studies. Out of those that blog, only one that I know of (http://earlytibet.com) is an actual academic blog.

Combine this with the fact that there really only seems to be one academic e-mail list for Buddhist Studies (H-Buddhism) and one gets the idea that people in Buddhist Studies are not a part of the net generation or not in favor its use in academia. H-Buddhism, additionally, is a moderated list with all posts vetted by its maintainer. Compare this to the lists focused on the academic study of Nature Spirituality or New Religious Movements, which are wide open to their members.

What gives?

When I got involved with Buddhist Studies, I expected that there would be this wide open community of people talking online as I had seen elsewhere in Religious Studies. For some reason, that just isn’t the case though.

(As an aside, if anyone can recommend some excellent books dealing with Religious Studies as a discipline that are foundational or on the use of ethnography in Religious Studies, I’d appreciate it…)