Foamy's take on Western Zen and Marketing

I used to be a big fan of Ill Will Press and Foamy the Squirrel a few years back. I have a Foamy coffee mug (with him giving the finger) and a DVD that my wife bought for me. At least one person is convinced that I sound like Foamy when I start ranting (hi, Sean!). I lost track of Foamy as the schtick started getting a bit old but I came across this today. It is Foamy ranting about the use of Zen in American Marketing (your old Dharma Burgers). I just about fell out of my chair laughing but then I love the angry squirrel.

“The Zen of Anger is all you need to master. Arrrgh!”

I encourage everyone to take a moment out for a little decompression with a rant from Foamy. Watch it below or here.