Cold Mountain: Another Chan Buddhist Film

Today I found out about another Buddhist documentary focusing on the Chan Buddhism of China. This is “Cold Mountain: Han Shan” directed by Mike Hazard and Deb Wallwork and it came out last year.

Their is a synopsis on the website for it:

"Cold Mountain" is a film portrait of the Tang Dynasty Chinese poet Han Shan, a.k.a. Cold Mountain. Recorded on location in China, America and Japan, Burton Watson, Red Pine and the legendary Gary Snyder describe the poet's life and tell poems. A trickster, Han Shan wrote poems for everyone, not just the educated elite. A man free of spiritual doctrine, it is unclear whether or not he was a monk, whether he was a Buddhist or a Taoist, or both. It is not even certain he ever lived, but the poems do.

You can watch the entire film on I’ve also embedded it below for those viewing my blog locally (not through my feed).

I’ve only watched the beginning portion of this so far, since I just heard about it, but it seemed worth sharing.