Petition for Eido Shimano to Resign as Abbot of the Zen Studies Society

Rev. Jiro Andy Afable, Eido Shimano’s second Dharma heir, has posted a petition for Eido Shimano to resign as the abbot of the Zen Studies Society and to step down from their board.

Rev. Jiro states:

Archives recently published on the Internet reveal the enormity and historical depth of Eido Shimano’s violations of the Buddhist precepts going back at least 40 years. With every passing day, former Sangha members, male and female, come forward to recount their stories. Eido Shimano has denied none of it. Judged by the standards of civil society, Buddhist law, clergy ethics, or any other standard applicable to the conduct of human affairs, Eido Shimano’s conduct has been a disgrace. It has been an affront not only to the monks and nuns of Dai Bosatsu Zendo, to the practitioners of New York Zendo Shobo-ji, to the Zen Studies Society Sangha, but to sincere Buddhist practitioners everywhere. We petition you to express your strong disapproval of Eido Shimano’s deeds. The online petition is at: Remember, your clarity and intention count.

I signed this petition yesterday.

We’ll see what effect the petition has but this is one of Shimano’s own Dharma heirs calling for him to remove himself from involvement with the Zen Studies Society and students.