Ace Monster Toys at East Bay Mini Maker Faire this weekend


Ace Monster Toys, the East Bay hackerspace, is going to have a booth at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire taking place in Oakland this coming weekend. This is the first local event we will be attending since our founding back in June and our acquisition of a space at the end of July.

The plan right now is to have three or four makerbots acting as a little makerbot orchestra, to have one or two of them printing objects (especially if I can get the plastruder on mine working), and to have a laminar flow water fountain. It’s nice to see an event like the mini maker faire going on right in our neck of the woods and we’re looking forward to seeing who else shows up from the local community. It is a good opportunity to make connections with local groups and individuals, especially the kids at the Park Day school.

By the way, as you can see above, we finally have a cool logo. David Rorex, our treasurer, has a friend who is an excellent designer. Rebecca Hathaway made the logo that you see above and below, as well as some variants, and got them to us just the other day. I’m not sure if we’ll have them on our flyers, given the timing, but I’m super excited about how it turned out.

You can see an examples of variants below, incorporating the letters “AMT” as well as a robot in the inverse space:


The word also came down today that Ace Monster Toys has been approved as a California nonprofit corporation. The next step is our filing for Federal 501(c)(3) status. This, at least, means that we can finally get all of our business, such as a bank account, in the name of the organization. We have entered corporate personhood!