Eido Shimano Update

Rev. Barry Briggs has an update on his blog on the Zen Studies Society and Eido Shimano for those still keeping track.

He notes that the official retirement date for Eido Shimano from his controversial role as abbot has been moved up to December 8, 2010 but that Shimano will still be giving official teachings after this date and is offering jukai to people next month. Not exactly the role that one expects for an abbot accused of decades long sexual predation on his way out of an organization.

I encourage people to read Rev. Briggs’ post and comment there.

I’m, personally, pretty tired of the seeming lack of moral strength on the part of the ZSS board to, at the very least, remove Shimano from all active and public roles given the strength of the accusations against him, at the very least. It makes it hard to take the organization seriously as a source of the Dharma or any real wisdom.