Ace Monster Toys at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire Today

Sean and the Ace Monster Toys Table

I and other members of Ace Monster Toys spent the day at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire today in Oakland, California. AMT had contacted the faire about having a table for presenting projects and such. We wanted to support the efforts to have a maker oriented event in our own back yard. Now that we’re finally a legal entity (and one with a space to boot!), we also wanted to get the word out locally that we exist as well.

The faire was great though I bet it was a mixed bag for the organizers. Sunny California entered its Fall/Winter mode which means “rainy season.” It’s been coming down for the first time in months starting yesterday. It was just showers at first but, by today, it had become a pretty strong downpour, which lasted until 30 minutes before the faire ended (of course!). This caused Ace and other groups to have to relocate to interior spaces and for a lot of groups and people to huddle under hastily put up awnings. The Park Day School, where the event was held, has a lovely four acre campus and it was too bad that people couldn’t enjoy it as much. Now, that said, I saw hordes of kids with parents all day so the overall turnout looks to have been good. I’m glad because I think it is a good event and I want to see it repeated in the future.

Children and trike

AMT had a table right inside the entrance of the Studio One space, where most of the tech projects and groups wound up. We set up a table with 2 1/2 functioning makerbots (one fully functioning and two somewhat functioning, including my own, which I was working on as I sat there). We spent most of the day printing out objects and talking to people about makerbots, our hackerspace, and hackerspaces in general. I expect that a few people will be coming to check us out in the next few weeks.

Christian explains the magic of making

I put a photo set up on Flickr of my photos from the day.