More Metal in my Heart Sutra, Please

A friend of mine sent this to me today. It is a metal version of the Heart Sutra and is so amazingly epic that I decided that I couldn’t just share it as a tweet on my twitter account.

Many, if not most, Mahayana Buddhists of various sects make a practice of chanting the Heart Sutra in either their own language or that of from wherever their form of Buddhism comes. I tend to chant it in English as a regular practice but when I, for example, visit Rev. Keisho the Tendai priest, we chant it in a shomyo form used within Tendai in Japanese. One is not really encouraged to embellish it but it is such a common practice that I think the temptation is there, just as much as you see people in the West messing with old Church hymns that they grew up hearing.

I know nothing about the video beyond the Youtube data but that’s ok. It was an interesting diversion for a few minutes. I’ve embedded it below or you can watch it on youtube.