More Bookscanner Progress

2011-03-03 21.37.03
Gaze in awe at the completed base

Myles and I met up before and after the weekly AMT meeting last night to do a little more work on the bookscanner. Other than building the platen, which holds down the pages of the books and mounting it, we're getting much closer to being done building it. It has to rise up and down on rails and getting those squared and fitted is a little tricky for those of us with weak wood working skills.

The real challenge is going to be the electronics to control the Canon 480 cameras. The firmware on those cameras is well hacked, which means that we can mount them and have them each take a photo of a page (one side of the book per camera) at the push of a button and then pull the images directly into a Linux virtual machine that Myles has put together.

I took a few photos but I'm hoping that we will have more impressive looking results after another workday on it on Saturday.

2011-03-03 21.37.11
No, we are not woodworkers