Fudō Myōō Painting

For a while now, my friend, <a href=http://nondualelf.com/”>Kat Lunoe</a>, has been working on a painting for me. Kat is a local magician and artist who has done some excellent work, especially for the cover of Sam Webster’s “Tantric Thelema” book. She’s also a tantric (vajrayana) practitioner and we’ve had a number of excellent discussions on matters tantric.

I’ve been wanting an image of Fudō Myōō for quite some time. Fudo-sama is an important figure in Japanese mikkyo, Japan’s form of tantric Buddhism. You will see central Fudo images in most (all?) Shingon and Tendai temples. He’s considered to be a form of Dainichi Nyorai by some though technically, he’s one of the five vidyarajas, the “light kings” or “wisdom kings” that date back to the origins of tantric Buddhism in India and who are ferocious protectors of the Dharma.

Because of my existing relationship (largely undiscussed here) to tantra, including Japanese tantra, I’ve wanted an excellent shrine image of Fudo-sama. Екатерина produced a wonderful image for me over many months of work. This is something that I’m both proud to have as part an altar and that I consider a wonderful and very personal work of art.

For those interested in prints of this image, Kat is potentially willing to produce them. You should contact her through her website at <a href=http://nondualelf.com/”>nondualelf.com</a>.

Fudo Myoo Painting