Laser taking a boat trip to Ace Monster Toys

We've received word at Ace Monster Toys, the nonprofit Oakland Hackerspace that I helped found, that our 80 watt laser has left its homeland of China and is now wending its way across the Pacific ocean towards us. The expected due date is somewhere around May 26. This means that we should begin getting it set up the week after the Maker Faire.

This is big news for us. This is the most expensive piece of equipment that we've gotten and it took an investment from a group of people in order to purchase. It is an Exlas 1280 80 watt CO2 laser. It has a 47 inch by 31 1/2 inch cutting area, which is HUGE. It also weighs in at almost 800 pounds. It is so big that we're literally putting in a wider door to the back room of our shop area.

When it was put onto the ship, we were sent a few pictures of it, which I include below.

AMT 80w Laser - 1

AMT 80w Laser - 2

AMT 80w Laser - 5

I'll post more updates once the laser arrives and is set up at AMT.