New DIY Book Scanner Design Goes to Beta

Daniel Reetz has released his beta files for the newer DIY Book Scanner that he showed at the Open Hardware Summit. This is the first version designed to be CNC milled directly and from a single standard sheet of plywood. Of course, to do so, you’d need a shopbot or similarly sized router. You can also do it with smaller pieces of plywood on a more commonly sized CNC though some of the pieces are fairly large. It should be noted that the plywood is sized to be about 3/4” in thickness, as it gets a bit wobbly otherwise in places.

Daniel has an announcement on the forums and a 16 minute long demonstration and walk through of the new version up on YouTube, which I have embedded below:


Daniel links to the source files, offered under the Open Hardware (OSHW 1.0) license, in his post but I link to them directly here as well:

Ace Monster Toys, as Daniel mentions in the video, has the wood parts for one of these. We have to get a few additional parts but I expect that we’ll be building our new DIY book scanner in the next few weeks. I want to thank Daniel for all of his hard work here and for being a good friend to AMT.