Narcissism and Photos

As a number of my friends know, I had LASIK surgery on my eyes about a month ago to correct my vision. I’ve been nearsighted since I was about 12 years old. Long enough that I barely remember what it was like to not wear glasses. Now that I’m 40, I decided to fix this. (Of course, I may very well already need reading glasses but let’s gloss over that fact of aging…)

As a result of this work, which was successful, every single photo I have of myself is now incorrect in that I don’t actually look the same anymore. Removing glasses from your face changes your appearance in many ways, which I am sure is not shocking. Because of this and my existing desire to have a few professional photos of me, rather than candid snapshots, for my online work and presence, I contacted my friend, Ash Bowie. Ash is someone I know through my old Thelemic associations but he’s also been working more and more as a photographer in the last few years. He’s had a series of portraits up on Flickr that I admired. I asked Ash to do some photos of me and my wife did the same for some of her work. We decided to throw in some pictures of the two of us together as well for ourselves and the family.

I think that they turned out quite well. You can see the entire series. I recognize that it is a bit narcissistic to post photos of yourself but, you know, it’s my blog and where else would I post them? I include a few below. For those interested, take a look at them on flickr for the series.

Al - Rebecca - 1

Al Robes - 3

Al - Black and White

Al - 1